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  • Linear Stages
  • Rotary Stages
  • XY Stages
  • Goniometer Stages
  • Elevator Stages
  • Multiple-Axis Controller
TEC testronics delivers from single components to complete motorized systems, specially dedicated products for lab applications. The key point for a lab positioning system is a movement with very high repeatability and high demands on the accuracy. The system should run in lab experiments only one time but also very often by keeping the parameters and tolerances for a long period of time. TEC testronics delivers products from well-known companies, who can keep this conditions over years. Test us and send us your product-and system requirements. We will offer you immediately tailor made solutions or standardized products out of one hand.
Model Positioning Systems
Linear Motor Positioning Systems

Linear motor driven stage systems are built for acceleration and high speed. These stages lack the inertia and mechanical gearing advantage of traditional screw driven stages and are therefore more application specific. The applied payload directly affects the acceleration rate.
Screw Driven Positioning Systems

The custom-built ball screw drives are configured to reduced lead error utilizing a high preloaded duplex and angular thrust bearing. The connection to the drive motor is facilitated through a custom-built mono-block coupling with high torsional stiffness.
Rotary Positioning Systems

Rotary positioning stages by TEC testronics, provide bolt-on solutions for any application, where precision rotary positioning or indexing is required.Three varieties of systems are available in sizes to fit in most applications.
space Ceramic Servo Positioning Systems

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space Positioning Systems for Microscopy, Metrology, and Testing

Precision Systems for OEM and speciality Metrology, Test, and Assembly positioning application.Precision vertical Z axis motions, xy tables and rotary positioning stages.
space XY Tables

Our feature packed XY table products cover a range of positioning requirements from robust industrial grade screw driven positioning tables to nanometer resolution metrology products.
Compound Positioning Systems

We design and manufacture linear motion systems for applications including semiconductor, medical, laboratory, photonics, fiber-optics, lasers, and many others, and are skilled in vacuum and clean room techniques. Extensive motion control and positioning system experience, in both our own components and the interaction of components found in complete systems, allows us to provide rotary and linear motion systems tailor-made for your operation.

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d Controls

Our MICROMATIC series controllers are a convenient and compact package, that can be programmed for virtually any type of motion control application, including XY Stages and Tables, Pick and Place applications, CNCs, PLC programming, and more. Leverage the latest DSP technology to assist advanced PID servo algorithms for enhanced system performance. USB / Ethernet communications compatible
Brushless Servo Motors

The BSM series motors have been custom engineered to offer higher performance in a smaller envelope and at a lower cost than standard off-the-shelf brushless servo motors. Powerful four pole (NEMA 17 and NEMA 23) and six pole (NEMA 34) motors designed for reduced cogging, with class 3 ABEC bearings provide high speed, high torque, long life, and very smooth low speed operation.

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