laser beam profiler
laser beam profiler
laser beam profilerlaser beam profiler
laser beam profiler

laser beam profiler
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laser beam profiler
laser beam profiler

laser beam profiler
laser beam profiler

Laser Beam Profiler

System Solutions



  • Beam Profiler
  • Software
  • CCD Cameras
  • Attenuators
  • Wavefront Sensor
  • Spectrometer
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Optical Components
  • X-Ray/EUV Components
  • UV and IR Converter
Our products result in a high end measurement tool for laser beam profiling that meets the requirements of modern laser test equipment. The modular design of the laser beam profiler, software and auxiliary components enables the adaptation of the laser beam profiler to customer-specific measuring tasks. For easy work in research laboratory our cameras can be adapted to most common opto-mechanical components.
We measure and evaluate: EUV, UV, VIS, NIR and CO2 laser beams laser spots with diameter smaller than 2 µm homogenized laser beams laser lines laser beam quality of laser spots and collimated laser beams near field and far field pattern of lasers, LDs and other light sources
laser beam profiler
Primary features

The basic components of our laser beam profiler are software, camera and laser beam attenuation
UV-converter, near field lenses, laser synchronization and motor controller extend the laser beam profiler to a powerful measurement tool. For most simple cw-laser applications our basic laser beam profiler is used.
For more complex applications and pulsed lasers our advanced laser beam profiler is the right choice
Special laser beam profilers are made for M² or near field and far field measurements and for Excimer lasers
and higher order YAG lasers.

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